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This blog serves as a quick way to publish a collection of miscellaneous topics that we collected over the years.

Previously our simple blog was built using Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, and Pico CMS, you can see the template used here. This design does not require a database and all articles are written in simple Markdown file format. You can also embed css and html directly for easy styling of elements. Now it has been moved to be part of our main website but we still recommend this approach for a simple blog solution. Please contact us if you are interested in getting one set up for your organization.

Featured Articles
Deploying CakePHP to using Docker
A quick guide on how to create your Docker file for CakePHP when using for deployment
Using Tailwind with CakePHP
A quick guide for setting up Tailwind CSS with CakePHP
Deploying Flowise to
A quick guide on how to deploy a Flowise server to the network
Creating a static HTML template for Tailwind and Alpine JS
A guide for creating a basic HTML template that uses Tailwind for styling and Alpine JS for interactive elements